The Big Move

Michelle Norman, describes the trials and tribulations of our new London office move, and how it’s all worthwhile in the end!

Moving office is a bit like moving house. Nothing goes according to your scrupulously prepared plans.  Having spent months looking for a new London office we found the perfect new space – a converted warehouse – just off Bermondsey Street and within a stone’s throw of London Bridge station.  Obviously this was a massive relief but as anyone who has moved office will know, the hard work really starts after you’ve found the office and you’re making plans to move in.

The first obstacle is connectivity. You need to secure an installation slot around 3 months before your move in date.  Yes, really.  And once all that on-site ground work has been undertaken you’re not actually told when the line will go live.  Oh, and when that line goes live your current line will be switched off.  Dealing with this situation takes a leap of faith and a real gambler’s instinct.

The next challenge is securing a slot with the removal company which, due to the uncertainty about our connection date, meant we needed to reschedule 7 times. We had a very patient removals company.

We decided to install lovely new flooring before moving in and chose a beautiful purple carpet. The contractor called to tell me they didn’t have the carpet tiles in stock but instead he could do the installation once we’d moved in? With 24 desks in situ? Er, no.  I think I’ll go for the grey carpet instead.

Then to cap it all off, the landlord of our current building informs me that we can’t move out on the Wednesday afternoon because it needs to happen outside working hours but we can’t move out after 6pm as there will be no security on site…  Not sure how that would have worked out!  After suitable flattery and the agreement to write him a glowing reference, the head receptionist relented and saved the day.

The move itself was stressful, but I was expecting that. Now that we’re in our lovely new office (and, thanks to a new contractor, with a purple carpet), it all feels worth every bit of the heartache.  So, if you’re thinking of making a move, just go for it, what’s the worst that can happen?

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